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Lehigh Valley Union Leadership Academy Curriculum – 2016-2017

A Program of The Labor School at Penn State, the PA AFL-CIO, and the Lehigh Valley CLC


Course One – Unions for the 21st Century; What Every Union Activist Should Know

            *Class 1 - How Did We Get Here?  (9/22/16)

            *Class 2 - Current Challenges Facing the Labor Movement  (9/29/16)

            *Class 3 - Engaging Young Workers  (10/6/16)

            *Class 4 - Developing Union Leaders  (10/13/16)


Skip One Week  (no class 10/20)


Course Two – What Labor History Can Teach Us – Lessons for Today

            *Class 1 - Eight Lessons from Labor History; Labor Timeline  (10/27/16)

            *Class 2 - 19th Century Labor History  (11/3/16)

            *Class 3 - 20th Century Labor History  (11/10/16)

            *Class 4 - Rise of the Conservative Movement and Labor’s Response  (11/17/16)


Course Three – Building Union Power in the Workplace and the Community

            *Class 1 - Organizing Your Members and the Unorganized   (2/9/17)

            *Class 2 - Engaging Union Members through Building an Effective Union   (2/16/17)

    Culture; New Member Orientation

            *Class 3 - Breaking Down Silos Among Unions; Crossing the Public/Private  (2/23/17)

    Sector Divide

            *Class 4 – Building Coalitions with Allies: Shared Values  (3/2/17)


Skip One Week (no class 3/9 – Penn State Spring Break)


Course Four  - Know Your Rights on the Job: Labor and Employment Law

            *Class 1 - History of Laws Affecting Labor: Sherman/Clayton Acts, NLRA, Taft-Hartley Amendments,  (3/16/17)


            *Class 2 - NLRA Section 7 and 8 rights; Unfair Labor Practices  (3/23/17)

            *Class 3 - Workers Compensation in Pennsylvania  (3/30/17)

            *Class 4 - Affordable Care Act; Unemployment Compensation (4/6/17)


Classes will be held at a site selected by the Lehigh Valley CLC on Thursday evenings from 6:30-9pm on the dates listed above.  Each course (one course = four classes) will cost $75, with a total cost for the four-course program of $300. To earn a ULA Labor Studies Certificate a participant must attend at least 3 classes in each of the four courses.

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·        Course Four  - Know Your Rights on the Job: Labor and Employment Law


Circle which courses you want to attend, return this form and

make check payable to Lehigh Valley Labor Council & Mail to:


Michael Wallery

2779 Hill Dr.

Bath, PA 18014